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A well-balanced and full-bodied coffee with comforting, moreish notes of Praline, Dried Figs, and Brown Sugar

Medium Roast
Best for: Espresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress, Cafetiere, Filter with or without milk

Coffee Information:
Grown by: The César Family
Region: Campastre
Process: Pulped Natural
Varietal:Yellow Catuai
Sourced through: Cargo Coffee

This is an exciting start of hopefully a long term relationship with the César Family. We are aiming to purchase of both sisters next year!

The César family are husband and wife Mário and Lucileia, and daughters Gislaine and Gisele. The family are the fourth generation of producers at Sitio Posses, and as such both knowledge and great skill has been handed down to them. This aspect of lineage and learned tradition means each crop is grown with great care and attention to detail.
The two daughters Gislaine and Gisele are responsible for the post-harvest processing of the natural and pulped natural coffees respectively, two modern processes which are quite unusual for the region. This particular lot was processed by Gisele!

Sitio Posses is located in Santana de Caldas of the Campastre region in Brazil, growing coffee at an altitude of 1,150 m.a.s.l. and harvesting in the slightly later month of August. These topographical factors lend themselves perfectly to growing excellent quality beans.

One end product of this craft is our selection from Sitio Posses, which is a pulped natural Yellow Catuai varietal. It has a balanced cupping profile which is wonderfully sweet, smooth and nutty.