🍫Half - Caff Blend 🍫

£9.00 - £28.00
  • 🍫Half - Caff Blend 🍫
  • 🍫Half - Caff Blend 🍫
  • 🍫Half - Caff Blend 🍫

All the taste with half the caffeine!

An easy-drinking 50/50 blend of our house coffee, Popayan, and its decaf counterpart! This is a medium roast, it is full-bodied and smooth cup; perfect for your afternoon pick me up.

Tastes like Butterscotch, Cacao Nibs and Raisins

Coffee Information:
Grown by: 65 small farm holders
Region: Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
Process: Washed and sugar cane decaffeination
Varietal: Variedad Colombia, Castillo
Sourced through: Cofinet

Suitable for all brew methods.
Best in: Espresso, AeroPress, Stove top, Cafetiere